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Scheer Rowlett Balanced

Product Highlights

  • Capital preservation in down markets, growth participation in up markets
  • Multi-manager: Asset class specialists
  • Conservative approach to asset allocation

Investment Objectives

  • Maximize long-term total return while protecting capital
  • Strive to consistently add value over a business cycle


  • Multi-manager makes sense. Can one manager be equally skilled in all asset classes and markets? Scheer Rowlett’s multi-manager approach brings together asset class experts with investment approaches tailored to their respective markets
  • Different approaches, common beliefs. Each of the underlying managers shares a common belief: Securities are frequently mispriced due to behavioural tendencies of investors and market inefficiencies. Markets will reflect a company’s true intrinsic value over time.
  • Protect the downside, reward the upside. A conservative approach to asset allocation is used to reduce risk. Superior security selection provides an opportunity for added value over time. Together they deliver solid added value


Asset Allocation

Scheer Rowlett employs a “monitor and reset” approach in managing the portfolio’s asset allocation. Taking a mid- to long-term perspective, minor adjustments are made in response to economic variables and relative portfolio valuations.

Canadian Equity

Scheer Rowlett uses a four-stage, bottom-up, value-oriented security selection process and fundamental research in selecting companies with strong or improving earnings, healthy financial positions, and proven management. Risk controls include formal security, sector, and market capitalization parameters.

US and International Equity

Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. employs a disciplined process that capitalizes on opportunities created by behavioral and informational inefficiencies in the market. With a global investment universe consisting of 14,000 stocks across 47 developed and emerging countries, the portfolios emphasize quality companies with attractive growth and value characteristics. Portfolios are constructed through an optimization process that simultaneously evaluates return and risk forecasts for countries, industries and stocks. Risk is managed through a proprietary risk model and individual country, industry and stock position limits are strictly adhered to.

Cash & Fixed Income

Baker Gilmore & Associates Inc. seeks to assess opportunities by combining a top-down approach to duration management (includes yield curve and convexity strategies) with a bottom-up security selection strategy. “Looking outside the box” at off–index securities increases the potential for added value with minimal incremental risk. Baker Gilmore’s risk control process ensures that portfolio exposures are constructed with a minimum of associated risks.

Strategy Inception Date

Inception date for the Scheer Rowlett Balanced Strategy is December 31, 1992.

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