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NS Partners is a research-driven, active manager that complements its bottom-up fundamental company analysis with industry, sector and regional analyses.

Stock selection is based on identifying companies that are expected to generate increasing economic, not accounting, profit (i.e. where returns on invested capital exceed their cost of capital). We closely monitor monetary conditions in the major economies and maintain a strategic bias to those companies, industries and countries that have superior long-term growth potential.

Our rigorous research and screening process results in team members, each a specialist in a particular country or region, explaining the rationale for holding the company before the stock is included in the portfolio. Decisions to buy or sell are made within a broader framework that looks at:

  • Liquidity
  • Sector exposure
  • Performance of stocks owned (and not owned)
  • Tracking error of significant positions
  • Risk profile of the overall portfolio using quantitative analysis

NS Partners' overall objective is to maximize exposure to the best market opportunities while keeping the portfolio within acceptable risk tolerance levels and ensuring proper diversification of investment ideas.

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