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Product Highlights

  • Portfolio Manager average tenure over 15 years
  • Philosophical commitment to liquidity analysis
  • Fundamental approach, Economic Value Added (EVA®) discipline
  • Focus on medium and large cap companies with a bias towards quality/growth
  • Regional portfolio construction
  • Blend of alpha sources: market allocation and stock selection

Investment Objective

  • Long-term growth through investments in equity securities listed on global stock exchanges
  • Return Objective: MSCI World Index (C$) + 2.5% over a market cycle
  • Risk Objective: 2-4% tracking error relative to the MSCI World Index

Investment Philosophy

  • Added value can be achieved through fundamental research, macro-liquidity insights and active portfolio management
  • Seek companies with durable growth, generating high ROIC and earnings momentum
  • Maximize exposure to the best market opportunities while keeping within acceptable risk tolerance levels and ensuring diversification
  • Focus on economic profit analysis allows us to consistently avoid companies underperforming over the long term

Investment Process

  • Interpret structural and cyclical liquidity fueled themes
  • Disciplined combination of country and regional analysis coupled with bottom-up stock selection based on economic profitability
  • Three key research components:
    • Stock: EVA® methodology is used to identify companies with strong fundamentals, high return on invested capital and attractive valuation
    • Country: Country and regional analysis encompassing macro-economic analysis with focus on liquidity
    • Sector & Industry: As a function of stock selection, global industry analysis is used to identify companies likely to benefit from structural changes in the market
  • Risk Controls – Liquidity analysis meters aggressive/defensive positioning. Risk attribution system quantifies stock, sector and regional allocations

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