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Our Approach to Responsible Investing

Our Approach to Responsible Investing

At Global Alpha we believe companies that operate with sound environmental, social, governance (ESG) business practices provide better investment opportunities.

As part of our ongoing bottom-up research, we incorporate ESG strategies into our overall process:

  • Quality screening – measures of profitability, revenue growth and balance sheet strength
  • Investment themes selection – helps the team focus on the investable universe of companies in the context of themes consistent with ESG compliance
  • Quality analysis – calculating an ESG score for any individual company through the internal collection of key ESG data points. Raw data on activities and products is gathered through various sources such as: company websites, reports, meetings with management teams and our own ESG questionnaire.
  • Global Alpha does not use negative screening

We then systematically integrate these strategies into various aspects of our analysis:

  • Stock selection – idea generation, valuation, portfolio construction
  • Company specific - strategy and quality of management
  • Portfolio construction

View our carbon footprint analysis.

Global Alpha is also a proud signatory to the United Nations – Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and a member of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA).

United Nations – Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI)

In October 2012 we became a signatory to the United Nations – Principles of Responsible Investing (PRI) initiative focusing on incorporating ESG factors (environmental, social, governance) into stock investment criteria.

Consult our Responsible Investment Policy here.

Responsible Investment Association (RIA)

The Responsible Investment Association (RIA) of Canada is an association whose members believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues should be factored into the selection and management of investments. In 2015 Global Alpha became a member of the RIA, and our Global Small Cap Fund was formally codified as a Responsible Investment Fund.

CEO Remuneration Guidelines

CEO remuneration guidelines are vital to the functioning of public companies and are a key expression of corporate governance. A well-designed remuneration plan should be able to attract and retain the right CEO and align CEO and shareholder interests.

Consult our CEO remuneration guidelines here.


Jun 26, 2018

Is ESG integration important in small cap investing?

Global Alpha Capital Management’s Portfolio Manager, Qing Ji, believes it is important and discusses why and how the Global Alpha team incorporates ESG into its research process.

Download a copy of the presentation

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