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Institutional Investors

We provide a variety of investment opportunities and strategies for institutional capital. Institutional investors seeking a diversified “pooled fund” vehicle have the opportunity to invest in the Crestpoint Core Plus Real Estate Fund through the Crestpoint Institutional Real Estate Trust. Alternatively, for those groups interested in more targeted, asset-specific strategies, we can provide access to individual investments on either a “segregated” or “co-investment” basis. We can also provide strategic advice and asset management services to institutional investors with existing portfolios or individual assets.

Pooled Funds

The Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Limited Partnership (“Crestpoint Core Plus Real Estate Fund”) is designed to generate dependable cash returns for investors together with longer-term capital appreciation by investing in commercial properties located across Canada.

Target Ranges

Pie chart showing target ranges by location

Segregated Funds

For institutions looking to commit larger amounts of capital to real estate investments (usually in excess of $100 million of equity), we create custom investment strategies that typically target a combination of property types, markets, and/or risk profiles. After defining a client’s specific needs, we will source suitable property opportunities and create a single-purpose investment vehicle to secure a property or properties. We also have the ability to place institutional capital with strategic partners in the United States.


When single asset offerings are of significant size and value, we provide the option to co-invest with the client or, if the client prefers, work strictly on an advisory basis.

Please contact us for further information on institutional investment opportunities.

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