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Asset Management Services

Maximizing the value of your commercial real estate investment requires careful oversight, an understanding of real estate market and capital market trends, prudent and strategic capital upgrades and effective hands-on day-to-day operation of the property while ensuring that tenant needs are met. Accordingly, situations in which a client has an existing asset or portfolio of assets, Crestpoint can work strictly on an advisory basis, providing ongoing asset management, strategic services and advice to help a client maximize the return on their commercial real estate investment by:

  • Enhancing income generation potential by:
    • Increasing occupancy rates
    • Upgrading tenant quality
    • Optimizing lease rates and terms
  • Providing strategic advice and execution of capital improvements to ensure they are accretive to value and income generation
  • Managing property re-positionings
  • Securing and overseeing cost effective property management
  • Undertaking strategic hold/sell analysis

For more information on our Asset Management Services, please contact one of the Crestpoint Team.

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