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CC&L Select Balanced Growth Portfolio


  • Regular portfolio monitoring and review
  • Ongoing active rebalancing
  • Monthly distribution of income
  • Eligible as an investment for registered plans
  • Series A2 and O2 units available


The investment objective of the Portfolio is to maximize long term total return, protect the capital value of the Portfolio from major market fluctuations, and provide capital growth through prudent management of asset allocation and selection of investments. The Portfolio will deliver capital growth through the investment in a diversified basket of equity securities while volatility will be moderated by investment in fixed income securities.


Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd. has created each Select Portfolio to maintain an efficient balance between return and volatility. The asset allocation (the combination of various fixed income, equity and money market investments) is actively managed and may be periodically adjusted. By not imposing a rigid asset mix, the managers are able to take advantage of changing market conditions to better meet the Portfolio’s return and volatility objectives.


The CC&L Select Balanced Growth Portfolio seeks to generate capital growth with moderate levels of year-to-year return variability. The Portfolio is broadly diversified across different types of equity, and at times, fixed income securities. Equity securities are employed to provide capital growth while fixed income investments limit year-to-year variability of returns.

Quick Facts
Inception Date November 16, 2009
AUM $35.10 million
All data as at: Dec 12, 2018
Asset Mix
% of Portfolio
Fixed Income 41.82%
Global Equity 35.61%
Canadian Equity 22.35%
Cash & Equiv. 0.21%

Select Portfolios are available exclusively by offering memorandum. Important information, including eligibility requirements for investors, is contained in the Select Portfolios offering memorandum. Please read it carefully before investing.

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