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CC&L Diversified Income Portfolio

The CC&L Diversified Income Portfolio seeks to generate current income while preserving capital. The Portfolio is expected to provide modest potential for growth of capital over time with limited variability of return from year-to-year. The Portfolio is broadly diversified across different types of fixed income and equity securities. Equity securities are employed to offset the risk presented by inflation and to provide the potential for capital growth. 

As market conditions change and new research becomes available, the manager may add or remove asset classes from the Portfolio in order to meet the investment objectives.


  • Regular portfolio monitoring and review
  • Ongoing active rebalancing
  • Monthly distribution of income
  • Eligible as an investment for registered plans
  • Series A, F and O units available

Suitable for investors who:

  • want a diversified, balanced portfolio of fixed income and equity securities
  • are willing to accept low to moderate risk
  • are investing over the medium term
  • seek to generate income
Quick Facts
Inception Date January 27, 2006
AUM $32.87 million
All data as at: Sep 20, 2019
Asset Mix
% of Portfolio
Fixed Income 50.60%
Canadian Equity 20.62%
U.S. Equity 17.80%
Int'l. Equity 9.60%
Cash & Equiv. 1.38%
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