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Canadian equities

Photo of Shane Biehn

Shane Biehn

Vice President

“By having multiple Canadian equity products, each employing a different investment style, our clients' portfolios can benefit from greater diversification in this asset class and perhaps reduced volatility over time.”

We employ a flexible approach to investing in Canadian equities. By using a blend of investment styles and market capitalization, we add diversification to your portfolio while optimizing returns and minimizing risk.


Our Canadian equity portfolio invests in stocks of major Canadian companies, and is designed to provide long-term growth of capital through active management.

The investment team uses bottom-up research to understand companies' business models and long-term operating strategies, while also employing a top-down process incorporating valuations and macroeconomic factors to determine sector allocation. This portfolio can be screened to include only companies that qualify against responsible investing criteria.


The Canadian equity value portfolio invests in companies whose true intrinsic worth has not been accurately reflected in their stock prices, using bottom-up security selection to identify businesses with strong or improving earnings, healthy financial positions and proven management teams.

Income & growth

Our Canadian income and growth portfolio invests in stocks with a history of stable cash flows and maintaining capital value. It is designed to generate income and provide capital appreciation and diversification.

Small cap

Our Canadian small cap portfolio invests primarily in Canadian companies with a market capitalization of $150 million-$1 billion, using a bottom-up fundamental security selection approach.

Socially responsible

The socially responsible Canadian equity portfolio allows clients to align their investment portfolios with a responsible investing strategy that identifies Canadian companies using environmental, social and governance criteria. We partner with Sustainalytics, using its research and expertise to thoroughly understand each company's responsible investment credentials and the relevance of each factor for its potential for financial impact.

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