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Our teams integrate the assessment of ESG factors in their analysis of securities in order to evaluate risk or uncover opportunities. Our investment processes are rooted in our belief that, all else equal, companies with sound business practices, including appropriate attention to environmental issues, social practices and corporate governance, are more likely to outperform. Therefore, CC&L believes that the integration of these themes in our investment approach is preferable to divesting or screening out companies from our investment universe. 

CC&L’s fundamental equity and fixed income teams incorporate the assessment of ESG factors into their security analysis. This includes the evaluation of ESG themes that may have a material impact on performance within the relevant investment horizon.

Fundamental Equity

The fundamental equity portfolio managers engage with the management teams of all companies in which they invest. In addition to ESG issues, the portfolio managers review strategic and operational objectives and establish milestones with each company’s management at least once a year. CC&L believes that by providing feedback and suggestions on best practices and peer comparisons, companies are better able to foster better alignment between directors and management, and long-term shareholder interests, thereby contributing significant value for shareholders.

In addition to the team’s engagement activities, the portfolio managers’ research takes into consideration whether companies may be impacted by a material E, S, or G issue over the investment time horizon. The team reflects this information in its financial forecasts and target price analysis.

Fixed Income

ESG criteria are factored into the fixed income team’s process from a risk and return perspective as part of their company specific credit research. The fixed income team systematically includes ESG assessment criteria as part of its process in evaluating the risks of a company. The result of their ESG assessment along with other risk factors is incorporated into their credit spread forecasts.

Quantitative Equity

ESG factors are integrated into our quantitative equity model as risk factors using third party ESG data.

For more information, please review our Responsible Investing Research page.

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