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Our Approach to Responsible Investing


As one of the largest independently owned investment management firms in Canada, CC&L believes that we have a responsibility to advocate for the integrity of capital markets and to work collaboratively with like-minded investors on initiatives that will enhance the investment outcomes for our clients. CC&L believes that our investment processes should be based on rigorous fundamental research and take into account all factors, including environmental, social and governance, that could have a material impact on the valuation of the companies we invest in. These tenets form the basis of CC&L’s approach to Responsible Investing.

Please view our Responsible Investing Policy here.

Please view our Responsible Investing Updates here:
2021  |  2020  |  2019

Please view our Stewardship & Engagement Policy here.

Please view our Voting Rights Policy here.

Our PRI Transparency Reports are available here:
2020  |  2019  |  2018

Please view our Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report here.

For more information on our approach to Responsible Investing, please contact Lori Satov.

Responsible Investing, Oversight page

Our Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for our approach to RI. The CC&L ESG Committee reports directly to the Board, oversees firm-wide RI activities and coordinates with the investment and the Stewardship and Engagement teams. Read more...

We believe that analyzing the impact of environmental, social and corporate governance themes through our investment approach is preferable to divesting or screening out companies from our investment universe. Our fundamental equity and fixed income teams integrate the assessment of ESG factors directly in their analysis of securities in order to evaluate risk and uncover opportunities. Read more...

ResponsibleInvesting, Research page

Our ability to incorporate ESG factors in the evaluation of investments is continually improving as company disclosures and data availability are steadily increasing. We are committed to undertaking regular research projects in order to find ways to improve the integration of these factors into our RI activities.

Responsible Investing, Engage page

CC&L engages with investee companies to support its research efforts and to exercise its influence as an owner. This is done as part of regular and frequent management meetings that are undertaken by our fundamental equity and fixed income teams and is supported through additional engagement activity undertaken by our Stewardship & Engagement team. Read more...

Responsible Investing, Collaborate page

CC&L participates in collaborative engagements and initiatives sponsored by other institutional investors, industry associations or advocacy groups. These collaborations allow CC&L to pool resources and speak with a stronger unified voice to protect the interests of shareholders in the companies in which it invest on behalf of its clients. Read more...

Responsible Investing, Vote page

The central tenet of CC&L’s proxy voting policy is that good corporate governance enhances long-term shareholder value. We have a customized proxy voting policy that reflects our views on best practices for corporate governance and guides all of our voting decisions. Read more...

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