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Scheer Rowlett Canadian Equity


  • Twenty-five year track record of alpha generation
  • Consistency of experienced team and application of philosophy lends to predictable and understandable investment performance
  • Invest alongside our clients – creates full alignment with clients
  • Diversified client base and long term clients
  • Leverage the scale of parent organization (CC&LFG) with  in AUM


  • Maximize long-term total returns
  • Generate 2% alpha per annum versus S&P/TSX Composite Index, over an economic cycle
  • Strive to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term


  • Invest for the long term using fundamental analysis
  • Buy good companies at discounted valuations
  • Identify opportunities that balance return of capital and return on capital that lead to capital preservation and capital growth


  • Fundamental value manager – seeks companies whose true intrinsic values have not been accurately reflected in their stock prices
  • Disciplined process to determine the optimal portfolio:
    • Determine intrinsic value
    • Review stocks with largest upside to intrinsic value
    • Review risk controls at portfolio level
    • Construct optimal portfolio
    • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and risk review
  • Bottom-up security selection favors companies with:
    • Strong or improving earnings
    • Healthy financial position
    • Proven management
  • Follow strict buy and sell discipline, which is integral to process
  • Rigorous and continuously improving risk management ensures intended and unintended risks are understood at both the security and portfolio levels to balance risk and return
Quick Facts
Inception Date December 31, 1992

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