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CC&L Enhanced Income


  • Cash Flow: Provide attractive, sustainable yield
  • Capital Preservation: Seeks downside protection
  • Growth: Grow capital faster than inflation

Unique Attributes

  • Potential to outperform traditional fixed income in rising interest rate environments
  • High conviction portfolio diversified across a distinct mix of income producing securities
  • Conservative Growth – Focused on adding value, mindful of capital preservation

Why Invest in Enhanced Income

  • An alternative to traditional fixed income offering:
    • A stable income stream
    • Capital preservation and modest growth
    • Inflation protection against rising interest rates
    • Good participation in “up” markets
    • Protection of capital in “down” markets

Investor Profile

  • Investors with a medium to long-term investment time horizon
  • Investors with a low to moderate risk tolerance
Quick Facts
Inception Date April 30, 2014

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