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CC&L Core Income and Growth


  • Diversified across three major income and growth oriented asset classes
  • Tax-efficient income stream that is attractive and sustainable
  • Conservative Growth – Focused on adding value, mindful of capital preservation
  • Limits exposure to commodities to reduce volatility
  • Deep, experienced institutional investment management team

Investment Objectives

  • Cash Flow: Provide tax-efficient, sustainable yield
  • Capital Preservation: Preserve principal in market fluctuations
  • Growth: Strive to grow capital faster than inflation

Philosophy & Process

  • Disciplined, conservative process that strives to deliver:
    • Stable cash flows
    • Good participation in “up” markets
    • Protection of capital in “down” markets
  • Combines fundamental equity research and credit analysis:
    • Covering numerous operating, competitive and market factors
  • Top-down strategy factors drive portfolio modeling and sector strategies:
    • Macroeconomic themes, sector outlooks, sector valuations
    • Multiple asset classes offer greater opportunities to add value and diversification
  • Bottom-up security selection focused on:
    • Sustainable, distributable cash flow
    • Capital preservation
    • Quality of management
Quick Facts
Inception Date February 28, 2001

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