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CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund


  • The CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund combines long exposure to global equities with added-value from a global equity market neutral strategy to deliver higher return targets while maintaining a similar risk profile to long-only global equity portfolios

Unique Attributes:

  • Diversified global equity portfolio managed within a proprietary quantitative return, risk and portfolio construction framework
  • Long/short strategy using leverage and shorting to improve risk/return characteristics relative to a long-only strategy
  • Fully integrated global model employing a systematic evaluation of approximately 14,000 stocks, spanning 47 countries including 24 emerging markets using a broad array of fundamental indicators

Quick Facts

Inception Date
February 2019
Fund Category
Equity - Long/Short
Fund Code (A | F)
CCL1900 | CCL1901
Management Fee (A | F)
1.50% | 0.50%
Performance Fee
MSCI ACWI Index (CAD)(net)
Risk Level
Minimum Investment
Subsequent Investment
Systematic Purchase


Net Portfolio Weight

Chart of Net Portfolio Weight for the CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund

Active Weight

Chart of Active Weight for the CC&L Alternative Global Equity Fund

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