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Build a better portfolio

CC&L Absolute Return Fund


  • Deliver equity market risk with better than equity market returns
  • Target annualized returns and volatility of 12-15% over rolling four-year periods
  • Deliver an attractive investment solution with low correlation to other asset classes

Unique Attributes:

  • Compelling complement or substitute to traditional equity exposure
  • Global Market Exposure (Beta): Global stocks, bonds and commodities
  • Plus three distinct market neutral strategies (Alpha)
    • Q Global Equity Market Neutral
    • Fundamental Equity Market Neutral
    • Fixed Income Absolute Return
  • Strong risk management at all levels: fund, strategy and firm

Portfolio Managers:

  • Martin Gerber, CFA – Chief Investment Officer
  • Phillip Cotterill, CFA – Portfolio Strategy
  • Steven Huang, CFA – Portfolio Manager
  • Chris Kalbfleisch, CFA – Portfolio Manager
  • Steven Vertes, CFA – Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Construction:

CC&L Absolute Return Fund portfolio construction diagram
Quick Facts
AUM $69.80 million
Inception Date
April 17, 2014
Fund Category
Fund Code (A|F)
CCL 950 | CCL 951
Management Fee (A|F)
2.00% | 1.00%
Performance Fee
Hurdle Rate
High Water Mark
Minimum Investment -
Accredited Investor
Subsequent Investment

AUM data above is updated daily on all days that markets are open.

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